The city of Milford is nestled in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The city of Milford is home to just over 1,000 individuals from the census of 2010. The city is situated near the upper Delaware River, and is known as a small portion of the New York Metropolitan area.

Pike County Bar Association

The Pike County Bar Association gives bar enrollment news, neighborhood court assessments, CLE course data, occasion data and characterized ads.

The current panel of people are as follows:

  • Thomas F. Farley, President

  • Thomas Earl Mincer, Vice President

  • Tony Waldron, Treasurer

  • Oressa Campbell, Secretary

What Areas Can the Pike County Bar Association Help in and What Are the Fees?

One of the main questions we receive daily is what type of cases can we help in and what are the fees associated?

Here’s everything you need to know when you are thinking about dealing with one of the lawyers from the Pike County Bar Association.

We can help you in these following areas:

  • Administrative Law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Adoption

  • Aeronautical & Space Law

  • Appeals

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Arbitration

  • Civil Litigation

  • Business Law

  • Criminal Law

  • DUI Issues

  • Dependency

  • Elder Law

  • Education Law

  • General Law

  • Guardianship

  • Immigration & Naturalization Law

  • Juvenile Law

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Tax Law

  • Social Security

  • Wills

  • Zoning & land Use

  • Workers Compensation

Ultimately, all fees will be dependent on what type of case you are dealing with and how complex it is. You will need to contact us directly and we can help you with the fees and pricing.

Pike County Court

Pike County is one of 60 separate legal regions that contain Pennsylvania's brought together legal framework. As one of three equivalent autonomous parts of state government, Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System's job is to protect the standard of law and assurance the rights and freedoms of residents. The 60 Judicial District includes the land limits of Pike County. The Court comprises of one President Judge, one Senior Judge, and covers four Magisterial Districts. Normal Pleas Judges serve multiyear terms and are chosen authorities utilized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Pike County Courthouse is an enrolled National Historic structure built in 1874. For over 100 years it has filled in as the home of the district seat of government and every single chosen authority of the County. After development of the County Administration Building and migration of most region regulatory workplaces, the town hall keeps on being the home of the Court of Common Pleas and court related workplaces, for example, the Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts. Court Administration and other related workplaces are kept up in the town hall attach found close by.

Pike County Correctional Facility

The Pike County Correctional Facility officially opened its doors in 1995. The correctional facility is an 87,800 square foot building that is arranged on 268 acres of land nestled in the ever-quiet Blooming Grove Township. Our immediate supervision 375 bed Facility houses both male and female wrongdoers. Instructive, strict, and rehabilitative projects are given to help wrongdoers in reintegrating into society. During their detainment, female guilty parties have the chance to take an interest in Helping Offenders Promote Excellence Program.

The Actively Reducing Recidivism Opens Windows program offers certain male Pike County guilty parties the chance to transform themselves through serious rehabilitative programming.

Upon fruitful consummation, qualified guilty parties may graduate to the Correctional Offenders Reintegrating Effectively Program where they will proceed with their rehabilitative endeavors by adapting new aptitudes through network administration.

The Motivating Offenders to Reintegrate Effectively Program is accessible to every single male guilty party keen on rolling out positive improvements throughout their life. The Pike County Correctional Facility is cooperating to guarantee that our locale is more secure for everybody.

The Pike County Correctional Facility keeps up a zero-resistance arrangement with respect to institutional inappropriate behavior, attack or misuse. Strategy and strategies to address issues of this nature have been created and actualized as per the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards.